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UGentPassage is a project of UGentMemorie, the virtual memory of Ghent University, launched autumn 2011. The English version was launched in summer 2012. It is an initiative of the Institute for Public History and the History Department of Ghent University.

  • Concept en coordination: Fien Danniau
  • Texts and editing: Fien Danniau, Ruben Mantels
  • Translation: Christophe Declercq and Kenan Van De Mieroop
  • Production audio: Radiocentrum Vlaanderen
  • Voices Audio: Paul Van Cauwenberge & Stijn Vlaeminck
  • Photography: Fien Danniau en Pieter Morlion
  • Historical images: University Archives Ghent
  • Lay-out:
  • Mobile applications: Mobzili

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UGentMemorie UFO - Vakgroep Geschiedenis
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 35
9000 Gent
+32 9 331 02 78

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